Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Future Schools Expo - Mobile Creation Workshop

9am - 9:30am - Introduction
  • Create, Integrate, Demonstrate slides

9:30 - 10:30am
  • Visual storytelling
    • PicCollage
    • PicMonkey
    • ThingLink
    • Tackk

10:45am - 12pm
  • Video storytelling
    • No-edit & one-edit
    • YouTube channels
    • YouTube slideshow creator
    • YouTube edits
    • Magisto video creator
    • WeVideo mobile editor
    • Tellagami
    • Share on Tackk

1pm - 2pm

Essay Question for Friday

1. What were the motives for and the consequences of American imperialism? (Financial, political, other).

2. You will be given your choice of two primary documents to read and write a response to. One document will advocate for US involvement in WWI while the other document will advocate against US involvement in WWI. You will have to make the case for or against involvement in response to your chosen document.