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Group Notes Periods 5 and 6

These are all of the notes emailed to me from your in-class research groups.
Here is the information the Andrew Jackson group gathered.

Andrew Jackson-president, had the Jacksonian democracy. As an individual, he strengthened the countries nationalism.
• seventh president of the united states
• born between north and south carolina
• father died few weeks before born ( logging accident )
• joined Continental Army at 13 as a courier
• 3 brothers saw action in war ( one died )
• Andrew and a brother taken prisoner for a few weeks
• Andrew hated British to the grave because one cut his hand
• Brother later died of small pox after being relased
• mother came ill and also died later on
• was elected a US Senator for a while
• Became major general in the regular army
• nicknamed "Old Hickory" for his troops saying he's tough as hickory
• first populist president who did not come from the aristocracy
• first to have his vice president resign
• vetoed more bills then first 6 presidents combined

Jacksonian Democracy-a group of people strongly supporting Andrew Jackson. political philosophy of the United States president Andrew Jackson and his supporters.

Spoils System-

Method of rewardingpolitical supporters existed as far back as Andrew Jackson'spresidency. Theory was that winning candidates deserved the spoils,or the benefits to be seized after a victory. Came from patronage,which is giving government jobs to people who had helped a candidateget elected. The policy of “rotation in office” enabled AndrewJackson to give away many jobs to friends and political allies. Hefired people to give jobs to loyal Jacksonians. From the saying “Tovictor belong the spoils of the enemy.” In the spoils system,incoming officials throw out former appointees and replace them withtheir own friends. Its the practice of giving appointive offices toloyal members of the party in power.

Exam Question #2. Whatevents/acts/concepts contributed to an increase in nationalism in1800-1836?

Increase in Nationalism

-Andrew Jackson, because he was president, therefore involving the national government. Also his policies and legacies made the U.S more nationalist.

-Jacksonian Democracy, made an increase in nationalism because Jackson was a nationalist,therefore all his supporters or “followers” belief in nationalism.

-The spoils system made the president have more power within the national government because it gave the president the ability to fire the people around him and hire people who supports him.

Outline Question One

*tariff of abominations and tariff of 1832 helped the north and hurt the south, causing sectionalism.
*2nd B.U.S, Bank war, and specie circular because it was economic sectionalism and split the states.
*John Calhoun when he wanted to nullify the tariff of 1828 because he thought it was unconstitutional, he was trying to get south Carolina to separate from the US.

Question Two

*compromise tariff would keep country together.
*Andrew Jackson was a nationalist, his policies strengthened the countries nationalism.
*nullificationists came to compromise passed something that let the duties South Carolina had to pay decrease over time.

Question Three

*compromise tariff was a compromise of the tariff of abominations and the tariff of 1832.

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Directions for Joining the Wiki

Watch this video to learn how join the wiki.

US History Wiki Requirement

Periods 5 and 6.
One of your assignments for Friday is to request access to this wiki. Please do that before class starts on Friday.

Period 7
Request access to this wiki. Please request access before class starts on Friday.

Civics!!! Directions for Class Today

1. Check BBS for the emails that I sent to you earlier today.
2. As we discussed on Tuesday, you will be making Glogs today about Questions 3 and 4 on the fall ballot. You can make your Glog to convince people to vote either for or against question 3 or question 4. Use the links from Tuesday to get more information about Questions 3 and 4.

Here is how to get started with Glogster. Watch this video. If the video doesn't work, follow the directions in the pictures below.

Step 1 - Click here or enter

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

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Essay Questions & Vocab List for US History 10/27

Click this link to see the questions and list of vocabulary to know.

Terms/ Events/ People to Research 10/21

Tariff of Abominations
Tariff of 1832
Compromise Tariff
John C. Calhoun
South Carolina Nullification Crisis
Webster - Hayne Debate

Andrew Jackson
Jacksonian Democracy
Second Bank of the United States
The Bank War (1832)
Specie Circular

Sectionalism Notes

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Civics - Maine Citizens' Initiative Questions

The links on this page will open up official documentation regarding each of the citizens' initiatives questions on the ballot November 3rd.

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An Audio Message for Civics Students

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Period 4 Civics - Questions for Friday

Period 4 Civics. Click the link below to find the questions that you need to research and answer today. A couple of sites that will help you get started are the Sun Journal and Portland Press Herald.

Questions for the Day.